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Yoga For Kids

Yoga for kids

At Philosophy Holistic, we believe that Yoga is a practice that goes beyond age. Children from the age of 5 to 9 should take up Yoga. Yoga for kids allows the child in each of us to become more flexible, improve our concentration and memory and to reduce the stress of our daily lives.

Children these days have the burden of phones, social media, schoolwork and tuition from an early age. Our approach to introducing Yoga for kids is in the core of Yoga - to be able to relax and let go of expectations. Each child will be given special attention to make Yoga practice an everyday fun activity. First, we start with games and movement as that is most important for a growing child. Physical activity allows the child to gain more flexibility and also allows them to improve their hand-eye coordination. As the course progresses, each child is introduced to different asanas and stretches. The focus remains on allowing the child to take their own time and enjoy Yoga. Yoga is not a competition, but a connection with the self to meditate and keep your body active and healthy. We have found that kids enjoy Yogic games and Surya Namaskars a lot more than they enjoy playing on mobile phones or sitting in front of televisions.

The benefits of Yoga are ageless, kids from the age of 5 to the age of 99 heal their own body with Yoga. Children have similar stress patterns and lack of concentration due to technology. Adults also have increasing health problems and find it harder to concentrate. With Yoga, children and adults alike can improve their blood circulation, their flexibility and their memory power. Everyone who practices Yoga also benefits from more active brain cells and are able to concentrate better. Yoga also improves your willingness to work and reduces lethargy and laziness. It is an ideal practice for everyone.

With Philosophy Holistic, the focus of our workshops and classes - Yoga for Kids - will be on overall development. Each child and participant will be given equal space and liberty to take up Yogic practice on their own pace, without feeling overwhelmed or burdened.