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Group Healing Sessions

Work Life Balance: Know the secrets of managing work & home along with better time management with ‘Work Life Balance’. Top it up with adding the meaning to your life. Give your self a break from your regular routine & experience the calm & serenity within yourself. Live life in harmony with the others by creating harmony within you.
Learn the art of meeting ‘You’ in the midst of every activity. Be the balance that you want in your life by this program.
Program for the group of 12 to 20 participants.

Pre & Post natal Care: Pre-natal & post-natal body care has never been so easy! Allow the body to experience it’s true state during & after pregnancy, along with the extra benefit of more energy, more joy & calm of the parenthood. Deepika Gala brings combination of personal sessions and group sessions for the mothers to be. So no more depressive stages during & after pregnancy.
Embrace the new member in your life with better preparedness with these sessions. Take care of your mind & body during this joyful time. As you cherish every moment of your pregnancy, the child also enjoys this special time with you. Let every moment be remarkable with your child from the beginning.
The Pre-natal Emotional wellness program takes care of the emotions, thoughts during pregnancy. The four month program is a combination of 4 group sessions supported by weekly once sessions of personal healing preparing the body for the child birth. The healing is aided by Mystical Energy Grid. The guided meditation takes care of the thoughts & emotions making the experience a memorable one while bonding you with your beloved child.
The Post natal Emotional Wellness Program offered by Philosophy Holistic completes the healing of the body after delivery. Post-natal Emotional Wellness Program is a three month program, which is a combination of 3 group sessions with once a week body healing sessions. The body healing sessions help the body to reagin its original capacities. Guided meditation & Mystical Energy grids supporting the family throughout this wonderful experience. To support the soul journey Bach Flowers are at your help taking care of your emotions throughout the program.

Handling MId-Life: ‘Mid-Life Questions & Possibilities: 2 half-day workshop “Mid-Life: Questions and Possibilities” for participants of age above 35.
Workshop specially for the middle aged women undergoing great amounts of changes and doubts of their life – or the ‘mid-life crisis’. Designed in an interactive, artistic and thoughtful way that allows the participant to answer questions about their current state, past and future life with guidance.
Most often women in their midlife find their life to be lonely and want to live a meaningful existence. The strength and weaknesses of being human are revealed by this time and woman wants to live a life, which will be fulfilling. The quest for the meaning permeates the whole being. The restlessness goes on till one finds a higher goal to strive for. From the endless possibilities, one finds solace only when one finds his/her true calling. ‘Midlife: Questions and Possibilities’ is designed to help women find their true goal to find meaning of their true existence.
The workshop is composed of a creative balance between a thematic focus, discussion in groups and experiential learning including guided artistic work in support of the theme.

Taking Charge : Let your life be designed by ‘YOU’ instead of allowing it to drift in any direction. Let the circumstances be any, you design your life by being the creator of your life. Learn the spiritual tools that are practical & easily applicable to create the life of your choice. A workshop designed to suit the needs of modern women to help her take charge of her life.