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Spiritual healing sessions

What is spiritual healing? Spiritual healing is all about restoring the health; the health at mind, emotional, energy & physical level i.e. bodily level. While in today’s world a lot of attention is given to the physical well-being alone, attention must be brought to the divinity that is flowing within. In fact, the physical reality is a manifestation of the divine. The more one is connected to the divine (which is known as the soul or spirit), the better is the health.

Spiritual healing is all about restoring the connection & creating harmony between all the different levels of existence. In spiritual healing sessions, the healer facilitates the journey of the client to restore the lost thread with the divine impulse.

What is the role of the healer in the entire process? The healer is the facilitator in the process. The healer brings the client to a point of consciousness where the client establishes the connect with his/her own self healing capacities. All that the client is required to do is to be completely willing to receive the healing (To receive is being a willing partner in the process facilitated by the healer for self healing journey). The most important factor is the faith of the client in their self healing capacities.

What are the different aspects of this process? How are they performed? As mentioned earlier, for restoring complete health, the healer facilitates healing of the different levels of existences- the mind, emotional, energetic & physical.

The mind level is about the appropriate thought process. The appropriate thoughts can create the appropriate reality. Various methods like ‘Neuro-linguistic Programming’, talking to the subconscious mind, affirmations etc. are used for the same. Emotions and thought processes aided with Bach Flower Remedies, which have helped people understand their self better by dealing with their emotions healthily. Energy healing is correcting the energy levels by different methods such as Wickes Way, Access Consciousness Bars, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing etc. For the betterment of the physical body as well as energy levels different body works are done.

What kind of results can one expect? The results with the spiritual healing can be miraculous when the client surrenders completely. The methods, the timings can vary from person to person as everyone is at different levels of consciousness. For the same kind of problems sometimes very different processes work, so it is not about the nature of the problem or illness but more about how the individual as a whole is willing to receive.

Why Philosophy Holistic? We offer solutions which address the entire human being. With our expertise in healing all the different levels simultaneously, one can be assured of their complete and holistic well-being.

What do we offer? The Mind-Body Program offered by Philosophy Holistic is an individualised solution as per the client needs. This can be to manage work stress or to better one’s health. Our Mind-Body Program is best suited for students to manage studies & exam anxiety, sports performance, memory development etc. Children with concentration issues, hyperactivity also benefit greatly from the Mind-Body Program.