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Train the Trainer

This program is specially designed for those who love teaching & would want to teach meditation. It starts with the basic course in meditation. The participants are required to complete five level training consisting of The mindful, The creator, The mindful creator, The awakened, The Initiates to further learn advance techniques & to develop skills necessary for spiritual trainings. Also they are expected to practice meditation regularly & apply the techniques in their daily lives. The program is an intense program where the participants are expected to do some projects & conduct required number of classes. It is a 1 and half year program.

Details Of Train The Trainer Program.
Levels to complete the train the trainer.
Each level is an interactive experienced based workshop with deepening the knowledge of the self.

Level 1: The Mindful Pre-requisite: None but if applying for Train the Trainer, complete basic course in meditation within two months of doing The Mindful.

In this 3-day workshop you will learn...

  • Basic understanding of how the world is functioning, how one creates his/her own reality
  • Finding the interconnections with the other Real in the universe
  • The difference between the mind and the higher self
  • Connection to the higher self
  • What is the meaning of Karma?
  • What is the meaning of our desire?
  • Changing one’s own reality by changing the thought pattern
  • Freedom and Responsibility
  • Mainly aiming to get results in day to day life
  • Finding the answers or intuitions that we received: synchronicity
  • Acting on the purpose of life
  • Important techniques to practice and get the result

Level 2: The Creator Three days workshop + Follow up sessions once in a week for two hours in the evening for next three months- (Every Monday). Intense training and practice.

  • Complete awareness in whatever one does
  • Deeper levels of one’s existence
  • Deepening the technique
  • Practicing to create the life of one’s choice
  • To operate from the level of pure Being at every moment
  • Practicing Awareness for 21 days focussing on each area of one’s life like:
    • Health
    • Abundance
    • Relationship
    • On the first thought
    • Prosperity

Level 3: The mindful creator Three day workshop. A theory project to be submitted within two months of completion of third level.

  • Practicing awareness
  • Understanding the self through the other
  • Increasing awareness to a level of understanding the life events with regards to the recent questions in mind
  • Paying attention to the people, events and the messages of the sharing
  • To find the purpose or higher meaning of life
  • Based on the awareness of synchronicity, which was introduced in the first workshop
  • Creating the life of one’s choice by application of freedom
  • Choices and freedom

Level 4: The awakened Three day workshop. The practical project will begin from this level going up to the last level.

  • Based on the encounters, which one had.
  • This type of work leads to the insight that our own destiny and personality have been formed by the people whom we meet in life.
  • Questions arise such as: How has this or that person influenced my destiny from birth up to the present moment?
  • Through the other, unfolding the Karmic connection
  • The meaning of destiny and free will
  • Dis-entangling the karmic web

Level 5: The InitiatesTwo day workshop.

  • Leadership training programme
  • Socially active, Responsible leaders
  • Building Community