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Can the difference be brought about by knowing? Is knowledge the key to greater life? How are the actions related to knowledge? Discover all of these at different programs that Philosophy Holistic offers.

Basic course in Meditation Basic course in meditation is a five day course to learn the art & science of meditation. The first hour of the class is practical & the second half is theory. In this course one will learn what is meditation, how to do it, which are the different methods of meditation, when is the good time to meditate & how can one practice meditation in daily life as well as daily activities. For more details.

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Meditation Program For the Healers & Light workers Specially designed program for those who work with clients or patients A program in which you will learn about

  • Importance of grounding
  • How to increase intuition
  • The important everyday practices for keeping the energy levels intact
  • Before the session
  • Winding up the session
  • Energy Contamination
  • Mind & Body Discipline
  • Taking care of emotions
  • Dis - entanglement & detachment
  • Observation & Detached Observer
  • Closing the Day
  • Pre-requisite: Basic Course in Meditation
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Guided Meditation

  • Listen to these mediations for connecting to ‘SELF’.
  • Rejuvenation Meditation
  • Your breath your guide
  • Bye bye to procrastination
  • Motivation to Physical Exercise
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Regular Meditation Class

  • Once a week Class that will help you unleash the power of your inner self.
  • Learn the what, why & how of meditation at Philosophy Holistic.
  • You will discover the secret of health, wealth & happiness.
  • Explore the inner potentiality of yours to tap into infinite possibilities.
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