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Kids Personalised EWP

Sports Enhancement: A specially designed program by Deepika Gala to enhance sports performance. The program will help an individual not only to overcome the fear, anxiety, stress of performance, but also be at ease during the performance.
Sports performance is more of a mind activity than body. One who wins the play in the mind can win it actually. With this Program, person’s confidence increases as his limiting thoughts, emotions are dissipated. The body becomes agile & stronger, the stamina increases as one progresses with the program. Along with the goal setting & better performance for sports the program helps an individual to be fully present to all the areas of lives, thus the program not only helps in sports performance but also in overall personality enhancement.

Exam Management: Exam time is the time of tension for most students. What if there were easy ways to remember what you have read. What if there were better methods to write it in the exam. What if with your own potential you could handle the exam stress with ease.
Students are worried about memorising, retaining what is read & reproducing what is read. The atmosphere before, during & after the exam adds to the anxiety and tension. These surrounding atmosphere reduce the actual potential that students have. With the help of the Emotional Wellness Program by Deepika Gala, students can handle all of these with better confidence. The other benefits of the program are better concentration, high self esteem & assurance of ability.

Study Management: Managing study is one of the biggest challenge for today’s student. With the increasing demands from everywhere, the student goes through a lot of pressure because of too much time required to study & to organise the notes. To add to all this pressure, there is continuous pressure to perform better every day & to submit the projects on time. Even though today’s students are much capable of managing all these things along with the extra curricular activities, they still need help as they grow up. Study Management helps students to take care of the pressure with ease. The program prepares them not only for studies but also for life.

Puberty crisis: Puberty is the time of new changes in the physical body. The teenage goes through a lot of emotional disturbance through this period. Some of the symptoms that you are dealing with a teenage is regular arguments about what must or must not be done, facing sudden anger from the otherwise very quiet child, suddenly complete withdrawal when in the group & so on.
The child in puberty goes through a lot of emotional imbalance along with the physical changes. This new found physicality, sexuality is something that the child has never experienced before & yet another problem is that it can not be shared with anybody. So the frustration that the child goes through is difficult for the parents to grasp as they don’t have any idea about what is actually happening to the teenager. Philosophy Holistic helps the teenagers to handle this phase of change with total ease with bringing the spiritual impulse of puberty in picture. The program offers variety of tools to help the teenager deal with the body & emotions with total ease.