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Kids Group Sessions

Nature Walk: A program for parents & children to know each other better through nature. A three hourprogram that helps the child develop interest in the other human being through nature,developing the sense of gratitude & sensitivity towards the other person. A program thathelps parents to nurture the individual spiritual spur through various activities.

Tai Chi Classes: Tai Chi Class conducted every Tuesday at the Dhyānam Inner Health Centre. Group Practice session of Tai Chi by Ujwala Kamble, disciple of Master Richard. With the practice of tai chi exercises you can increase your internal energy, Improve muscle strength, conditioning & co-ordination.
Date & Time:
Every Tuesday
Batch 1: 6 to 7.30 PM
Batch 2: 7.30 to 9 PM (children of age above 10)

Thought Notes: A specially designed program 6 hour program that helps students better the art of note-making, creative visualisation & goal setting. The program helps students to mange studies as well as exams well.
It prepares the students to be aware of the emotions & to convert the emotions into their best strength. The program is designed to help the kids to bring the power of intention into manifestation. Various tools like Neurolinguistic Programming, Meditation, creative visualisation help them equip for better studies & exams.

Yoga For Kids: At Philosophy Holistic, we believe that Yoga is a practice that goes beyond age. Children from the age of 5 to 9 should take up Yoga. Yoga for kids allows the child in each of us to become more flexible, improve our concentration and memory and to reduce the stress of our daily lives.

Genius Youth Program: A 12 session group program for the emotional development of children. The program is a combination of 12 sessions for children & 3 sessions for parents. The main objective is to help the parents understand the developing child during puberty & help the children acknowledge, accept & work on the the emotions they are going through. The program is specially designed for the children above 12 years to help them manage the emotional disturbances during the puberty.