Independence at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of an individual is the vision of Philosophy holistic.

Philosophy Holistic

What is Philosophy Holistic?

It is an organization, working for spiritual healing and welfare of individuals.


What do we want to achieve?

By our different programs we want to help individuals not only understand spirituality but also practically apply it in their life.

Guided Meditation Classes

Guided Meditation allows one to meditate with the help of a trainer. It is best suited for those who have trouble concentrating or those who wish to be calm and centre their energies. With the guidance of a trainer, the participant observes their own mind, body and inner workings and connects with the energies governing their mental and physical space. The participant will be able to rely on the knowledge of the trainer and follow the easy instructions to help understand themselves better.

Meditation often leads to a lot of self-doubt and beginners may not know the best steps suited for their bodies and mental capacities. With guided meditation at Philosophy Holistic, the trainer allows your mind to visualise images which are comforting. This helps you to take the first step towards meditation - to relax and observe. As the words and images take you away from stress, anxiety and worry, you slowly progress towards self-healing and a state of balance.

Healing Therapy

Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment & Counseling

Depression is one of the killing dis-eases of the 21st century. It not only affects the person involved but the entire family suffers...

anxiety treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a result of rush of too many thoughts at the same time. The person in anxiety can not stop the thoughts and as a result...

chakra healing

Chakra Healing

Chakras are the energy centres in the body, which help in maintaining different levels of our existence. Chakras when...

anger management

Anger Management

What is anger? What is it all about? What happens if it is internalised completely? Can there be a right aspect of anger...

access consciousness

Access Consciousness Bars

Very often we are not able to understand our true emotions, feelings or thoughts. We are often left confused and...

spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is all about restoring the health; the health at mind, emotional, energy & physical level i.e. bodily level. While...


I attended the natures walk with the team of Philosophy Holistic in may 2015 along with my daughter tia. Must say was a very refreshing experience. The walk in the morning at borivali national park was quite an experience. We both still remember the experience. We had a wonderful time on a Sunday morning. Would definitely recommend to my known to take this experience. We would love to join this May also. Thank you Deepika.

Sunita Nair Yoga Instructor

Through the Story (Three King wala) the facilitator made us understand the concept very well. Every seven yr we get sone signal. Through the opportunity we grab, we understand that changes take place in our Life. We learn to make relation & polish our Attitude & Approach with others.

Puja Udeshi Yoga Instructor