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Depression Treatment & Counseling

Depression is one of the killing dis-eases of the 21st century. It not only affects the person involved but the entire family suffers the gloom of the person. These days since most people live in the cities, it is difficult for them to get out of depression naturally. The first loss of this century is the lost connect with nature, as nature has a very important role to play in handling and healing our emotions. Since people today are disconnected with nature, the healing is almost impossible unless the efforts are made by the person himself. The simple boredom when persists for a longer time gets converted into depression very easily. These days, not only adults but children also get into depression very quickly.

One of the major reasons for going into depression is the loneliness that the person faces after any kind of loss. The loss can be emotional or spiritual but it affects the person very badly. The loss shatters the person completely and he/she continuously thinks about it, which ultimately leads to depression. The person has least interest in the daily activities, he/she does not want to talk to the family members nor his/her friends. Since the emotions are not vented out appropriately, the person goes deeper and deeper in his despondency. It is a time when one has to be alert and seek help. Mostly one of the family members gets such people to seek help.

In spiritual healing we try to work on the energy body, the emotional body and mental body of the person which helps him/her release the point of views related to dis-ease. When those point of views, emotions or feelings associated with any dis-ease are released the body also does not need those situations. Human beings by nature are joyful Beings. When one deviates from his/her own true nature, he/she has the dis-ease in the body depression being one of that. The healing sessions help the person to realign to the joy within.

Different approaches like Access Conscious® tools like verbal clearings, Access Bars® and body processes are used to help the person release the pattern. Wickes Way techniques are also very helpful for such people and they can be worked out with distance healing where person can get the session without travelling anywhere. Bach Flower remedies can also prove to be very helpful and the consultation can be arranged on Skype as well.

All these methods unlike cognitive behavioural therapy work on the deeper levels of mind as well as body and completely bypass the conscious mind. The person need not go through the trauma all over again. Thus it is quite safe and easy for the person to release all that which is keeping him/her stuck in the past events (known or unknown) without re-living a difficult experience. With every point of view released the person is free to choose a different reality.

Along with the energy healing some changes in the daily routine are also suggested like energy diet, stretching exercises, asanas as well as pranayama which form the part of Depression treatment. All of these work together to help person live a happy and healthy life- mentally & spiritually.