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Chakra balancing session & healing workshop

Chakras are the energy centres in the body, which help in maintaining different levels of our existence. Chakras when functioning properly give us stability in the world, help us enjoy the life, help us in taking charge of our life. They are also the gateway to unconditional love, truth, intuition and creative thought.

When any one or two chakras are not functioning properly, the other chakras compensate by moving fast, thus creating a balance in the energy body. But when such a situation arises, the body gets affected as the entire energy system is disturbed. This can lead to various emotional or physical level disturbances. Illness is disturbed energy at various levels, which when corrected, can automatically lead to health and wellness.

When meditation chakra healing is done, the chakras are cleansed as well as energised. Once the negativity goes out of the chakras they can receive appropriate energy from the universe. When there is free flow of the universal energy there is proper functioning of all the organs and all the systems of the body.

Chakra balancing session is part of spiritual healing process where one tries to bring balance in the energy body, thereby establishing balance in mental as well as emotional body thus leading to balanced thought patterns and emotions. With every appropriate thought and emotion there is purity of health at all levels. Chakra healing when done for 21 days helps in creating better neural pathways which can transform health by changing habits of thinking and emotions. 21 days chakra healing workshop is spread over 33 days for better results.

At Philosophy Holistic we help you restore your health by providing 21 days Chakra Healing sessions by distance healing. One can enjoy the benefits by simply being in reclining position in the comfort of his/her home. The timings for the same are 1 pm to 3 pm or 9 pm to 10 pm. The clients just need to contact us and our team would guide you further with the registration process. Once registered you can receive the session at any of the above mentioned chosen time and our therapist would do the needful. You just have to lie down comfortably without crossing the hands and legs.