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Anxiety treatment healing sessions

Anxiety is a result of rush of too many thoughts at the same time. The person in anxiety can not stop the thoughts and as a result becomes nervous, apprehensive, fearful and worries constantly. There are some who will have a personality which is of this type, some others may develop anxiety as part of facing the life situations. Whatever the case may be due to anxiety person looses his/her connect with his/her Self. He/she has difficulty trusting the flow of life. Trust is directly connected to feeling safe in the world. Anxiety can cause feeling absolute unsafe and can vary from low to high level. If the person has basic trust issues, he/she can develop anxiety much easily. Modern day Stress can trigger it very easily.

In spiritual healing we try to work on the energy field of the person. When energy body is cleansed, it automatically helps in cleansing the thoughts and emotions. With the cleansing the person can settle with his/her own emotions leading to building trust in the self and the divine. The basic ability of faith once developed can help the person take charge of his/her life with total ease.

Different approaches like Access Conscious® tools like verbal clearings, Access Bars® and body processes are used to help the person release the pattern of distrust. Wickes Way techniques are also very helpful for such people and they can be worked out with distance healing where person can get the session without travelling anywhere. Bach Flower remedies have proven to give very good results and the consultation can be arranged on Skype as well.

All these methods unlike cognitive behavioural therapy work on the deeper levels of mental and emotional body and completely bypass the conscious mind. Thus it is quite safe and easy for the person to release all that which does not allow for the feeling of safety. With every point of view released the person is free to choose a different possibility. With these energy healing sessions, the person can easily re-establish his/her connect with the divine, thus trusting that he/she is taken care of at every point of time.

Along with the energy healing some changes in the daily routine are suggested like energy diet, stretching exercises, asanas as well as pranayama which form the part of Anxiety treatment healing sessions. Some meditative techniques are also taught which the person can bring in daily routine. Therapy for anxiety which includes stress management helps the person take charge of his/her life by connecting to the divinity within.