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What is anger? What is it all about? What happens if it is internalised completely? Can there be a right aspect of anger or is it always a wrong emotion? So let’s understand more about it...

Is anger bad? What if it does not harm anyone? Every emotion has effect on every aspect of one’s personality. It affects the thought process, the energy levels as well as the physical body. Anger may be manifested or may not be manifested but it definitely affects one person - the one who is angry. So to control your uncontrolled outburst, anger management helps you in many aspects and situations.

Is anger wrong, when fighting against injustice? Is anger right when it is towards the near and dear ones? The anger in puberty may lead to some important revolutions in the world as it gives rise to action plan in case of revolutions. It is also the presence of anger which is responsible for the self sabotaging behaviour of the teen who may kill himself as it is not channelised appropriately. As in the case of every emotion, when anger is present too much leads to difficulties in physical, energetic as well as mental bodies. There is distortion in the personality, which is self harming.

What happens if it is internalised completely? It is also possible that the anger may be completely internalised as may be found in women. It can then lead to passive aggressive behaviour. It does not affect the other person but definitely affects the self. It affects the overall health of the person in the long run.

What happens to the body when one is angry? Well, anger is an emotion which keeps oneself engaged in itself (anger) completely. The person can not think in an appropriate manner, when under the influence of anger. Automatically the energy levels shift and in turn affect the physical body as well. Thus, it may not matter what it will do to the other person, it definitely affects the self.

How to manage anger? Anger Management is more of facilitation for self knowledge. It is the journey to know more about oneself. Anger is a representation of an unresolved emotion in the self. When layer by layer more about the personality is revealed, one can reach the core of the issue.

How can we help? We at Philosophy Holistic help the client to find more about themselves. At each level the spiritual healer facilitates a journey of self discovery with the person. The aim of the sessions is to help the person find more about the self & thus face the inner-self. Attending our anger management sessions can help both, you and your family.

Why us? We use combinations of healing methods to help the client manage the anger. We use Access Consciousness Bars and Access Body Processes during the energy healing session. Appropriate Bach flower remedies are suggested which gently help the client deal with the emotions that they are going through. ‘Wickes way techniques’, ‘Mystical Energy Grid’, ‘Chakra Healing & balancing techniques’ also are used if required, which support the client during the healing process. ‘Affirmations’, ‘Mind programming’, ‘Energy Clearing’ are taught to the client to work on themselves regularly.

Spiritual healing is about the whole personality where anger is managed holistically so that the true Self can shine brightly.