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Access Consciousness Therapy

Very often we are not able to understand our true emotions, feelings or thoughts. We are often left confused and in doubt about the choices that we should make. However, when you can access your consciousness and your inner-voice you are able to make decisions and understand yourself better.

Access Consciousness is a therapy programme, which uses 32 points on the head to allow energy to flow into your body. The therapy is a calming technique to understand your emotions, feelings, baggage, etc. The therapy allows you to realise how your past influences your present and how you can yourself heal the way your body functions. With Access Consciousness therapy you can release any negative emotions or ideas that you are carrying. There are 32 specific points on the head each related to a certain emotion, and when energy flows through these points, the brain cells are activated and you feel more at comfort. You will be able to feel more confident and will let go of any burden weighing you down. The therapy is what is known as Access Bars.

The director of Philosophy Holistic, Deepika Gala herself conducts Access Consciousness therapy sessions. Her experience with healing is more than 7 years and she has an extremely intuitive sense of how best to help each person with Access Bars. She has more than 18 years of experience as a spiritual teacher. Her therapies have time and time again proven beneficial to each person. Using Access Bars, she has improved her skills to heal each person faster and with a lot more precision. Her aim is to allow people to focus their thoughts and energies onto productive ideas rather than thinking about the bad things that happen to each of us.

At Philosophy Holistic, we combine several techniques that will be best suited for each individual. We aim to uplift your present and you will let go of any problems or challenges holding you back. Access Consciousness is an easy and relaxing therapy method and you will surely feel a lot better with each session.