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About Us

Philosophy Holistic is an organisation – An organisation which works for the welfare of the universe by making people aware about their OWN individual Being; and how their acts can influence the world around. Started by the founder, Deepika Gala, Philosophy Holistic aims to show how one can act responsibly and bring about difference in the life of each living being and thus the universe.

The Name

‘Philosophy’ is love for wisdom. ‘Holistic’ is all-round which takes into consideration all the different aspects of Being. Through the love for wisdom, we can understand the divinity in us. The Self-knowing also leads to doing the right. This in turn can help in making a difference to individuals as well as the universe when we are on the ‘Soul path’.

Taking the all-inclusive view of life, we know the ‘Self’ & thus we know the macrocosm - human being, planet and nature around us. The self knowledge of different levels is the most important aspect of Self-healing & healing the planet.

Deepika Gala


Spiritual Healer, Biography Consultant (Goetheanum, Dornach - Switzerland) , Access Bars® Practitioner & Philosophical Counsellor

Is life meant for suffering or there is more to life? What if life is actually meant to be joyful? All such questions lead to founding of Philosophy Holistic. Deepika Gala’s passion is to help people to tap into their own infinite potential.

Their can be many different approaches to do so. The quest for knowledge, openness to different ways of learning helped Deepika Gala learn different modalities, some of which are Biography work by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Mind training, Wickes Way, Access Consciousness® Bars.

She is working towards health & wellness through Personalised Emotional Wellness Program, wellness Workshops & self-help Seminars as well as Meditation coaching. She is spreading the knowledge by training people to take charge of their lives by learning Access Consciousness® Bars, Train the Trainer Program (Meditation). Those who want to explore their potential further can become business associate of Philosophy Holistic.

Deepika Gala is also the founder director of Deccan Mine waste Management Processing Company, working for landfill waste management & HOW solutions working towards managing the menstrual waste at the source.

Her passion towards her work comes from her work experience in the field of Education. She has worked since 2001 as lecturer for Philosophy. The knowledge of philosophical concepts & her background in teaching help her simplify complex topics for her students.